Wednesday, August 18, 2010

making outfits at ASOS

Dr. Denim Stripe Cowl Front Dress  €52.94


image1xlimage1lCA2OAVSWimage1xl.jpg tightsimage1xl.jpg courtimage1lCANNOJ8P

image1xlimage1xl.jpg skinniesimage1l.jpg 2image1lCA2F21JZimage1lCAVO0NB5image1lCA73IYOS 

This dress / tunic is a lot like the one here.  It’s versatile, a good price, and you can sleep in it. ;)

Because the stripes are higher contrast personally I would stay lower key with the color.  High contrast stripes can really do a number on your eyes.  I would either add something strong that can hold their own with them, or  tone everything else down. 

All items pictured are from ASOS.  ASOS International Delivery Info is here.