Thursday, August 19, 2010

introducing dogfunk

Dogfunk is a snowboarding gear shop based in Utah in the USA.  Apparently Utah has some of the Greatest Snow on Earth.

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Dogfunk also has something called Dogfunk Community Project which they pride themselves on where you can get a real opinion from real boarders on gear.  These are not people paid to regurgitate an opinion – they are the real deal. 

And this youthful  and hip site has more than a downhome cozy feeling as you will see from their casual use of  rather colorful adjectives.  Words like '”kick-ass”  are not avoided.  :)  And of course you won’t want to miss one of their “big ass sales”.

They carry board gear, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and kids.  They carry Nixon watches (which you may remember from here)  really great  looking casual watches in fun colors -

Nooka Zub Zenv 38 Watch on sale USD125.96

Nixon Tribella Watch on sale USD 35.97 - 41.97 in 8 colors

and some pretty colorful sunglasses, too -

Anon Wizard Sunglasses on sale USD 18.74

always makes me think of -

images.jpgj lennon

his politics aside, great style, no?  I love the hair.

These are highly rated and polarized -

Anon Polarized Comrade Sunglasses on sale USD 125.96

But most of us are here for the outfits so let’s take a look at the street clothes -

Billabong Jojo Dress on sale USD 20.12

Insight Jasper Gem Dress on sale USD 28.02

Lifetime Short Story by Theola Wong on sale USD 35.16 – 48.27

and this is a great piece for layering and making outfits – it’s also available in black – it has a fantastic shape -

RVCA Armory Cardigan on sale USD 37.71


Reef Brigitte Sandal on sale USD 41.97

Roxy Arctic Long Jacket on sale USD 53.67

billabong jacket
Billabong Penelope Jacket USD 79.45 

for dog walking in winter this appeals -

Coal Considered Stockholm Hooded Scarf on sale USD 32.48 – 58.46

And, folks, there is so much more, handbags, wallets, more hip watches and sunglasses, shorts and skirts, pants, swimwear, long underwear, gloves, beanies, socks, shirts, and boots.

I don’t do boardsports of any kind but I like shopping at boardshops for accessories because they seem to have the trendiest of the trendy which are great for updating an outfit at a small cost – things like long cardigans, scarves, trainers (Vans), gloves, hats and watches really go a long way to update your outfit - and they tend to be higher quality than the same priced versions at women’s clothing stores mainly because these boarders seem to demand high quality and there is a lot of competition for their loyalty, and there seems to be plenty of pride left in the business of manufacturing these items.

A great Billabong scarf can go a long way toward updating an old coat - 

on sale USD 9.58

Board shops also seem to have very comfortable wearable clothing because their main customers are athletes who like to be casual and comfortable. 

For a list of the countries Dogfunk delivers to, please go here.