Thursday, August 12, 2010


I like cameos because they are sort of that perfect blend between classicism and romanticism.

I have a pair of cameo earrings I bought at a flea market years ago.  The posts have broken since then and need repair - one day I will make that trip to the jeweler with all my broken jewelry  : )

Here are the earrings – they are definitely antiques - but who knows how old -  they have a little landscape scene on them that is hard to see -


And here are some I found on Bonanzle that I thought were really nice.  The ring is small though.

USD 29.99 Bonanzle

USD 144.95 Bonanzle

USD 45.00 OBO Bonanzle

USD 95.00 Size 5 Bonanzle

USD 99.99 OBO Bonanzle

If you really love hand carved shell cameos and you would like to see some amazing examples - go here.