Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ASOS stripe draped pencil skirt

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This is another one of those pieces that has a trendy side and a classic side so you can play off both or either with your accessories.  The cut and drape are very du jour.  But the fabric print is classic all the way with its gray and navy stripe.  So adding polka dot leggings or a hot pink handbag is not going to take you over the top. 

In some outfits I played off the drapey skirt with blouses.  In others I kept it slim to counter the full hip silhouette of the skirt.  You can have a lot more fun with this skirt with sweaters and jackets in the fall and winter.  I’d love to see it with a vintage chunky navy cable knit sweater – little fuzz balls and all – and high heel boots on a cold and blustery day.