Saturday, July 17, 2010

vintage anne klein bags on bonanzle

well, my friends, i am sorry i missed out on what i am about to show you.  i wanted a small cross body fuchsia hand bag very badly.  i once had a vintage one bought off eBay, not leather, but during one of those ill advised purge sessions i gave it away and i have regretted it ever since, like i regret giving away most of the clothes i have given away.

so this summer i saw this one at ASOS and it when it finally went on sale i bought it.  it just arrived in fact. 

outfitanon etc 125
really cute, yes, but not leather, and how long will it last? 

so of course after i ordered it i saw this on Bonanzle:
Click picture to close
a vintage Anne Klein leather bag from the eighties

and i wished i had waited.  because i love the eighties.  plus it’s a clutch with a removable strap.  my favorite bag next to a tote.  it’s only 12.00USD OBO and, yes, virginia, there are more:

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Anne Klein Vintage Clutch w/Removable Shoulder Strap
12.00USD OBO

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80's Vintage Anne Klein Leather Hobo Shoulder Bag

you can find these bags at Blaseshoppers booth and she has many more vintage bags and shoes that are AMAZING and AMAZINGLY PRICED, plus she offers coupons on some of her items and freebies as well.  Like these shoes:

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70's -80's Vintage High Heeled Genuine Snakeskin Shoes

(i honestly wouldn’t buy real snakeskin now but these are vintage)

i would wear them with this:
pleat front dress
pleat front dress
on sale at People Tree from £29.00

and i would feel smashing.  like lauren hutton.

i did have some doubts before i bought the bag and i guess i should have listened to them.   next time :)