Tuesday, July 13, 2010

stand by me

Your wardrobe is a little like your life in that it exists in its present state based on a series of decisions you have made over time.  Just as in life we make better decisions and we make worse decisions, and some we can change and some we have to live with, so it is in our wardrobe. 

To me that is the challenging part. That is what I enjoy about making outfits.  Because it’s not over until it’s over, and you can’t always finally say an item of clothing was a bad decision until you see the end of your labors, and until it has passed through many seasons and trials.  And when it does or doesn’t, you know yourself a little better. 

It is possible to have unlimited disposable income work against you in building a wardrobe.    If you can toss whatever you please, and replace it whenever you please, then you never get to discover an item’s true potential in your closet, which in the end is really a way of discovering your own potential, and that vision comes from within, and not from without. 

Cheers, everyone.  What is in your closet is the end of a long string of decisions.  Try standing behind them for a change, because they tell your unique story. Unless you want to hide your story.  But even that tells a story.