Thursday, July 1, 2010

jewelry at wallis

Multi Mixed Flower Stone Ring
flower stone ring £15.00  

Multi Mix Gem Flower Bracelet   
gem flower bracelet £22.00

Peach Chiffon Flower Necklace
peach chiffon flower necklace £12.50

Multi Embellished Cone Ring
multi embellished cone ring £18.00

Gunmetal Twist Knot Stud
gunmetal twist knot stud £6.50

and on sale
Crystal Rhinestone Stretch
crystal rhinestone stretch £15.00 now £7.50
add LBD, evening bag and shoes and you are set

I am fond of the jewelry at Wallis.
For a list of the countries they deliver to go here.

PS Wallis Boutique has now added fun catwalk video.