Wednesday, July 14, 2010

denim skirt + white blouse or “the mom look” inspired by….

…stella mccartney

outfitanon 003 outfitanon 011  outfitanon 014 outfitanon 017 outfitanon 018 outfitanon 021 outfitanon 022   outfitanon 025 outfitanon 027 outfitanon 033 outfitanon 035 outfitanon 036 outfitanon 035.JPG doiley

how about you:)  what do you already have in your closet that you could make this look with?  if you don't have a denim skirt you could use jeans or shorts or just a mom shaped skirt.  i didn't have any lace so i used my grandma's doily.