Monday, June 21, 2010

Wild Dill

OK I fell in love with Wild Dill when I saw the name and logo.  They literally had me at the logo. 

Wild Dill is a children's store in the US that sells only organic, natural and fair-trade products.  And the stuff is CUTE. 

Hold onto your heart:

Aminals Organic Liun 22.00USD

What did I tell you?

BBBTNkimono.jpg wild dill
Pixel Organics Back to Nature Kimono Top 32.00


Bamboo Baby Pinafore Dress 29.00USD

Alright now, STOP IT!

Apparently this adorable shirt has already sold out!

Now, if you don’t quit I am going to get upset.

another one sold out

Oh, now there you go again

Maggie's Organics Tie Dye Socks 10.00USD

You just want to see If I'll die from cuteness.

Autonomie Project Organic Sneakers 38USD (available in 6 colors)

And you will see that it IS possible.

Kenana Knitter Critters Baby Zebra 22.00USD

People die of broken hearts, don’t they?

HDN Organic Storybook Quilt (on sale and now out of stock, they are re-ordering)

So, then why can’t they die of cuteness?

Many Hands Blanket 74.00USD

NOT CHIMPANZEES!I am afraid it has happened my friends…

Kenana Knitter Critters Brown Lion Puppet 18.00USD

And it is too late.  I have died from cuteness.

Too late for me but maybe not too late for you.   Perhaps you should get yourself very far away from these cute things as soon as you can and while you are still acting like an adult…

Here my friends, I have reverted to childhood and am planning a puppet show.   

Kenana Knitter Critter Elephant Puppet 18.00USD

You can read all about Wild Dill and it’s founder Jennifer, a mom, here.  And of course I wouldn’t be writing about them if they didn’t ship Internationally.  That info is here
PS  This is fun.  If you take a picture of your child in Wild Dill clothes or with their Wild Dill merchandise and they use it on their website you will get 5USD off your next 25USD order.