Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Something Animal Print at Boohoo

You can try something animal print for summer without breaking your bank at Boohoo.

Floral And Animal Print Long Sleeved Maxi £18.00
This looks really comfy and flattering.  I think your husband would be overjoyed to come home and see you lounging in this. :)

Esme One Shoulder Dress £20.00
I like the Tarzan theme here.  And the asymmetrical hem.

Animal and Rose Print Dress £21.00
I think this could be dressed up to be pretty uptown.  The trick is if it actually fits like in the picture.

I’d wear it with these:
Lattice Strap Heels £25.00
Totally unexpected,  and they take the dress into Miami Vice territory.  If you want to blend in more a cream sandal would do it. 

Animal Print Pencil Skirt £16.00
I don’ think anyone on the planet could look bad in this skirt.   Nobody would even care that it was inexpensive. It just has that factor.  That’s what we are looking for in inexpensive garments.  It happens when they get the aesthetic right.

Lizzy Animal Print Scarf £8.00
This is very bold but great for this summer.

Animal Print Bracelet £10.00
This is fun, too, with a bright neon.

Zebra Print Stud Earrings £6.00
And I am so glad stud earrings are coming back.  The bigger the better!  Now we just need to show them off with a good mullet hairstyle. ; )  You know it’s gonna happen any minute.

Boohoo delivers to Europe and their shipping info is here.