Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ShopRumor in LA

ShopRumor is located off Ventura Boulevard in sunny Los Angeles, California, the land of dreams, and it certainly reflects the American West Coast Celebrity Style /Attitude. and they do in fact boast a long list of celebrity customers from Eva Longoria Parker to Kim Kardashian. I first found ShopRumor while browsing the StyleBakery website.  I saw this handbag and went bananas:

So I followed the link to the website, ShopRumor, and found the news I am always happy to hear, that they shipped overseas to Cyprus, and so I bought it :|

And here it is:

outfitsanon 137

You can’t tell from this picture. but it is a lot more huge than I thought it would be and a lot flashier.  I like clothes with color and print but sparkle doesn’t flatter me because I am a soft summer and my skin and hair coloring is overwhelmed by it. So I was a little shocked by the bag in reality, and it has taken some getting used to!  But it is growing on me.  (I just for some reason thought it was going to be a LOT smaller, like a mini bag.  That would have been cute and the perfect dose of flash for me.)

Therefore,  if I have any questions for Shoprumor it is why they don’t give a more detailed description of all their items.  They don’t say in every case what material they are made of or the size. ( I don't know if they have been selling online for very long, they were more known for their physical store which sounds really cool from the website, so maybe this is all new to them.) So I recommend if you are going to shop there, particularly for a handbag, to email and ask for details before you place your order to be sure it is what you want. 

The only other problem I had with my order is that it took so long to arrive.  I did not receive an email that the bag was shipped out until long after I received my confirmation email.  Perhaps it was back ordered?  But I was not told this if it was so.  So if you don’t receive an email confirming dispatch, you may want to email them to find out how long it will be until your item is shipped. 

Let’s take a look around ShopRumor because they have a very diverse selection; the only thing I see linking everything is the LA attitude ; )

I love this.  It would be my first pick if I had the money right now. 
Cropped Blazer 230 USD
100% Linen
100% Cotton

I love the lines and simplicity of this:
One Shoulder Long Dress 134 USD

And these are prefect for under short summer dresses:
Charlie 5.0 Hot Pant 98 USD

Mixing the denim and the jumpsuit trends here.  It would be very cute with some platform wedge sandals and a floral cotton bag:
Charlie 5.0 Free Spirit Jumpsuit 266USD

And I like that this maxi is bamboo.  Must be really soft and would look great with the beveled mirror necklace below it: 
Angelina Bamboo Dress 297 USD

Beveled Mirror Necklace 95USD

You can read about ShopRumor's story here

They ship to a pretty impressive array of International destinations which you can find in their drop down menu. 

Within the US only you get free shipping for orders of 100USD or more

Also please read their store policies here because they do not take returns on certain items and their requirements for returns are rather steep.  You will need a return authorization.  (From my experience companies that require a return authorization are not always very happy to take returns and may actually be trying to discourage them.  But that is just my opinion.  Don't shoot me for having one.)

If you are not the shy type and you like the trendy/flashy LA style, I think you will like ShopRumor.  In fact their offerings are so diverse if you look around you will probably find something there for the little bit of flash in everybody.  Would I shop there again?  Yes.  They are reliable.  Just a little slow, a little short on some of their descriptions, and not real lenient with their return policy.  But yes, if I had the money I would probably buy that first blazer today:)

Has anybody else reading shopped at ShopRumor? Is this your style?