Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No Slip Velvet Flocked Clothes Hangers

I am working on a list of things that cost me little to nothing that have changed my life, and/or things that at the very least were actually worth what I paid for them. When I finish it, one thing that will be near the very top is No Slip Velvet Flocked Clothing Hangers.   I have seen flocked pants before, even flocked Christmas Trees, but flocked hangers?  Why flock a hanger? 

Because even your most slippery camisoles won't slip off them.  Also, they are so thin you may gain like I did at least a foot of closet space ( and you will see further down how small my closet is).  Another benefit is they slide back and forth down your storage rod like a dream.  No skipping, no jumping, no traffic jams. 

So if you are on a budget and thinking about saving up and treating yourself with that next special clothing item, a trench coat, a retro swimsuit, a pair of sky high wedge platforms, you might want to stop and consider this.  Will they change your life?  Truly?  Like these clothes hangers did mine?  Come, let us reason together.

I know we are all on the lookout for things that will simplify our lives.  I know because the market for them has grown outrageously by leaps and bounds in the last years.  Clear clutter from your life!   We'll teach you!  Personal organizers for hire!  We specialize in selling organizational tools!  We save up for these products.  We spend money on them.  Sometimes they make a difference .  Most times they don't.  Especially storage items.  Often they promise to make more room in our closets and they just end up being one more thing to store.  Am I right?

But this, THIS,  my friends, is different.  This works.  This helps.  This takes a load off of old Fanny.  And I should have known by all the positive reviews I read online beforehand that this would be different.  But forgive me if I was cynical.  I have just been let down so many times before...

....do you want to see them?

OK, here they are.....

They don't look like much?  Wait! 

...here is one in action...

and here is how they line up like good little soldiers in my closet....
Ah!  Mes chers amis!

A view including the belt storage my hubby just finished for me....

and the view from the other side...

More than you wanted to know?

I'm sorry for that. 

It's just that I get so excited  about these hangers.  I wish I had thought to take a "before" picture of my closet,  because it was very unpleasant. 

Has anyone else tried these?  Do I lie?  Do I not tell the truth?  Did these not change your life?

A thing that truly works, that does what it says it is going to to do.  This is a rare thing my friends.  It is as rare in a thing as it is in a person.  Please Find Them.  Find them in your country.  Find them in someone else's country that ships to your country if you cannot find them in your country.  Just find them.  And then cancel cable and go join Sparkpeople.  And in two months time you will not recognize your life.  But be prepared because all the old muck you buried is going to come to the surface.  I think that is why we put off getting organized., because it is facing a lot of stuff, and a lot of it painful, which may be why we put it off to begin which may be what led us to where we are with an ugly closet. 

There is one complaint I have read about these hangers and that is people say they break when you put heavy items on them.    OK.  Granted.  This is probably true.  But I do not know what kind of, forgive me, bafoon you would have to be to put something heavy on these delicate little hangers after holding them in your hands and seeing how light they are.  I truly do not.   So No, No, do not hang your heavy woolen winter coat on these.  Do not be, forgive me, again, a bafoon.  They are well designed for their purpose. However, they do not defy laws of nature, gravity or any other kind of physical science, nor do they conform to the firmly held beliefs of any new age religion.  You cannot will them to do what you want.  Hang light dresses on them.  Hang your sweet blouses.  Hang the lightest of your seersucker trousers.  Hang your cotton floaty skirts.  Hang heavier dresses and other items on two hangers like I have done.  Use your head.  Because my friends, miracles are as rare on flocked clothing hangers as they are elsewhere.

After much MUCH searching, like many hours, I found these on eBay.  I think there exist better quality ones out there from what I have read in reviews, ones that do not break so easily when you hang a cow or elephant on them, but these were either not available to ship to my country, or not available to ship for a reasonable rate. ( Because they are heavy, too, remember that, and the better quality, the heavier they will be to ship, especially a lot of 30 of them.)  But, whether or not I have the cheap ones, I am still very happy with mine.  And I love their grey color.  I thought I would have to choose between black and pink but the the grey presented itself, and it was a mercy, because it is the perfect backdrop for my clothing. 

Please let me know in the comments below if you get some, or if you already have some, or if you tried to hang your golf clubs off them and they broke and you were dispappointed.  : |