Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday Animal Rescue Site Find Eyeglass Cases

I don't know about you but I am always looking for a way to carry my eyeglasses in style, because having to wear eyeglasses, well ... let's just say... uh...I think I'd get more passes if I didn't wear glasses.  But  I found a neat-o selection at the Animal Rescue Site/Greater Good Network that I thought you might like, especially since this first one has the awwwwwww factor.

(funds 14 bowls of food)

And for those of you who like your French Fries and your dogs fancy cut:

                         The "Best in Show" Poochy Roll Case 12.95USD
                                            (funds 14 bowls of food)

Keep 'em coming because a hopeful message is never lost on me:

(funds 14 bowls of food)
(cute because it also has the matching eyeglass wipe)

and for the more earthy among you who like their tones subdued:

(funds 14 bowls of food)

and one more thing that has NOTHING to do with outfits, a LITTLE to do with accessorizing, and EVERYTHING to do with cute, AND because I reserved the right earlier to talk about other things, what kind of friend would I be if I didn't show you these?

(funds 14 bowls of food)

Not a very good one! I'll tell you what!  And I want to be your friend!


Please remember to give The Animal Rescue Site a visit the next time you are shopping because when you make a purchase there you are helping homeless animals in shelters and sanctuaries.  All purchases made through the Greater Good Network are purchases you can feel good about.  Giving is a great way to start our weekend and to show we are grateful for all that we have, and to help make that day come about when all of God's creatures, human and otherwise, are wanted and loved, and are secure and have a home.

And please remember to Click to Give while you are there!  That won't cost you anything! 

 International Shipping is available on many items offered through The Greater Good Network