Saturday, May 22, 2010

Women's Shoes, Formal Dresses, Teen Clothing | GoJane

Women's Shoes, Formal Dresses, Teen Clothing GoJane

I talked a little about GoJane before here. I am mostly a fan of their shoes. They have THE greatest cute CHEAP shoes.  :)

But today as I was visiting the site I noticed their skirt sale. If you are a summer skirt girl  go check it out. Here are some of my faves:

GoJane is located in the US and ships to most countries.  Their International shipping information is here.  These are not couture clothes.  These are things to play with for the summer.  At these prices please don't expect anything else.  And GoJane is not very customer service oriented.  Don't expect that for these prices either.  But that being said some of my favorite shoes I own and one of my favorite t-shirts is from GoJane.  GoFigure! 

PS If you are not a skirt gal, check out their Fresh Shoes