Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Look Black Tank Dress

Everyone is mixing prints like crazy lately. People are also wearing a LOT of Color.  And combinations that we haven’t seen for a LONG LONG TIME.  I love to mix prints and I love color especially, so much sometimes it makes me salivate. Truly.   outfitsanon 003 SO oddly enough this print and color festival has given me a yen for black (and solid colors)!  And I don’t even look particularly good in black because I am a summer color palette. outfitsanon 006 Anyway, so that is what drew me to the black tank dress today. I mixed in some cooler weather options to show how I would wear the dress when the weather is not so warm.And I did end up mixing some prints after all. :)  outfitsanon 017outfitsanon 014  outfitsanon 021
 outfitsanon 024

outfitsanon 031
 outfitsanon 089
outfitsanon 057

outfitsanon 085   outfitsanon 080

outfitsanon 053

  outfitsanon 049    

outfitsanon 068
 outfitsanon 067

outfitsanon 076

outfitsanon 092
outfitsanon 094
My Art Director has been shedding a lot lately.  So I have been vacuuming the bed off before I take the pictures.  When Roofy hears the vaccuum he shouts really quickly, “This is BOGUS!” and he shoots out of the room like a rocket.

The above black cotton tank dress, I would love to know, how would you wear it?  How would you style it to express your individuality?  How would you adapt it to your daily activities and lifestyle?