Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Navy Pin Stripe Linen Scarf from Lulu’s

outfitsanon 007.JPG crop

I bought this linen scarf from Lulu’s mostly because of the fabric.  It feels so good around my neck,

  outfitsanon 040
Seersucker pants and sandals are so cool for the summer. 

outfitsanon 046
This reminds me of the older girls I admired when I was growing up. They sure knew how to wear slacks. 

outfitsanon 050
On the streets of a great city in this I would stop off in a museum and get some culture. 

outfitsanon 059
My romantic side.  A dear friend gave me the panda bag.

outfitsanon 061
I love red purple and navy together.  Especially in classic shapes.  These white jeans are cropped so my ankles would show. 

outfitsanon 079
And I love when almost everything is covered up but the feet.

outfitsanon 082
Classic, classic, classic.  No need to mess with that.  I would just add a clutch or a shoulder bag.

outfitsanon 085
Add  a blazer to this and I am ready for light travel or a ride in a large convertible.

outfitsanon 090
Out for an ice cream with my bubby.

outfitsanon 098
Kind of quirky.  I love linen/cotton drawstring pants in the summertime.  I lived in these and boy tanks last year. 

outfitsanon 116
Stripes with stripes and a nice dose of white.  Just in case anybody invites me out on their sailboat. :)

outfitsanon 108
Ah!  And just in case anybody asks me to sail it!

outfitsanon 121
Here are those cute sockettes again.  I would like to have bought every pair in the store.  :|

outfitsanon 124
I used a purple boy tank rather than a navy one for a small twist. 

outfitsanon 132
This dress looks so great with navy.  Navy and magenta is a nice alternative to navy and red sometimes.

outfitsanon 135
Roofy really liked this one.  He thought it would be nice and cool for summer but the scarf could cover up for modesty.  And he liked that we were doing stripes today.  Roofy has his own stripes.

outfitsanon 141
This khaki t-shirt dress is so fun to accessorize .. .with jewelry, scarves and especially jackets.  That’s really what I bought it for - so I could wear other things in my closet!

outfitsanon 148
This belt really sings to me with the other elements. 

outfitsanon 156
Tucked in there is a long statement necklace.  Blue, black, and texture. 

outfitsanon 167
I would wear this to a rock concert.

outfitsanon 169
I totally love this.  This vest does magical things to outfits.  I would feel like I was in West Side Story or something wearing this.

outfitsanon 182
Just for a short outing. Maybe to pick up some milk or to go watch a morning football game. 

outfitsanon 179
This eyelet skirt is very light for summer.  The red purse brought this outfit to life. 

outfitsanon 004

Now, how about you?

How would you wear it?