Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lands End, Classic Clothing, International Shipping

Lands End is a global retailer selling classic style clothing at a good value.  They offer Women’s wear, Men’s wear, Kids wear, plus home products, luggage and gifts; and they pride themselves on their helpful customer service. 

This crewneck sweater came from Lands End: 
outfitsanon 140
I wrote about my dream of owning it once here.  I ordered it from the Lands End US site, before I realized there was a Lands End UK site ... and a Lands End Germany site ... and a Lands End Japan site ... and a Lands End France Site... and a Lands End Austria Site...

But upon inspection, the Lands End UK site did not have this particular sweater (or jumper), which is something to keep in mind when you shop with them.  If the first site you check doesn’t have what you are looking for, check another.    

For instance, take this Lands End Shirtdress worn by the lovely and always gracious Sal over at her blog Already Pretty:
Sal has many fans and readers who all admire her in this ladylike dress which she has modeled for us in different colors.

You can find this Women’s Original Belted Shirtdress in black at the Lands End US site on sale from 69.50USD to 49.99USD at present.  And here you can find it in olive and spice brown for 39.99USD.

It is on the Lands End UK site for 59.99 GBP in Black, Chili Pepper, and Saddle under the name Women's Regular Three Quarter Sleeve Shirt Dress.  The Lands End UK International Delivery information  - an impressive list - is here.
AND you can find it here on the Lands End Japan site.  I cannot read Japanese, but it appears to be in stock in navy blue and black. I do not know the extent of the Japan’s site’s delivery.

Again you can also find it here on the Lands End Germany site for 99,95 Euro in the same three colors as above.  Lands End Germany International Shipping Info is here.  You can do the math with your currency and shipping and VAT/taxes to your country to find the best deal for you. 

Petites?  Plus sizes? Tall? Yes, they have a Women’s Plus Size Collection, and a Women’s Petite Collection, and some items are available in Tall and offer free hemming. Also they make custom dress shirts for men AND do monogramming.  

If this is a style of clothing that appeals to you, check out Lands End offerings.  They have great basic pieces to mix with trendier items and I am so impressed with the scope of their International shipping and the quality of the sweater I purchased. 

I am also very happy with the service I received from Lands End and I think you will be, too.  Just be sure to find the one closest to your country and check to see they have the item you want in stock.  Next time I order from Lands End, being in Cyprus, I will check the European sites first to save in shipping.  And remember, if one doesn’t have what you are looking for, you just may find it at a Lands End in another country.  Cheers!