Monday, May 17, 2010

After another scorching summner in Cyprus, last year I got it in my head I was going to find some muscle t-shirts this year that would cover up my decolletage while still leaving my arms bare and cool.  Muscle T's are such a flashback to the 80's, another reason I love them because I love 80's style. 

But they are hard to find these days.  I found mine at  I ordered 4 different brands so I could try the fit on all of them, in white of course because the whole point is to deflect the sun.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to find women's muscle T's so I ordered mens.  In addition I orderd a pair of athletic shorts for my husband.

Apparently Gotapparel is more of a wholesaler in the blank t-shirt business, but they shipped to me my little 5 piece order (one piece missing though) and the 100% cotton (I wouldn't wear anything else in Cyprus in the summer) items were very inexpensive.  They did not get here very fast but unless you pay for an express shipper from the states at online stores, for those who offer that service, orders of any kind from any place in the US rarely do. 

Unfortunately there was one item missing from the order and no packing slip so I had to email to find out what the problem was.  I was assured I would receive a refund and I was offered a discount on my next order, which I appreciate.  Mistakes happen, but it would have been lovelier to have had the 4th t-shirt, a packing slip, and  have had a refund without having had to request it.  

Meanwhile my husband likes his shorts and my new muscle T's will do the trick when I am out in the garden or covering up at the beach. 

Brands they carry include Anvil, Jerzees, Hanes, Champion, Fruit of the Loom, Izod, Addidas, Timberland among many others.  In addtion to womens, men's, childrens, they even carry infants items.  They carry t-shirts and athletic shorts, totes, sweatshirts, organic clothing, button downs, hats and visors, fleece, outerwear and even chefwear.  And much, much more. 

Best of all was the price.  The most expensive of my muscle T's was 3.13USD.  That's about 2.50 euro!  Just barely over 2 GBP!  A deal!  And let me say again, they were 100% cotton.  You might want to stock up on some T's for summer for yourself and your family.  My only recommendation would be to check carefully all items are in your order when it arrives and if they are not follow up with them by email.  It appears items may be shipped from different warehouses across the US before they are shipped to the customer which might account for the problem I had.  It's hard to say. 

Yes, the arm holes were a little big because they were mens but until ASOS wakes up and smells the coffee that muscle T's are back on the radar for women I will have to settle for my bra showing a little.  : /  Meanwhile my decolletage will be protected this summer. :)

PS Did I mention they ship Worldwide? :)