Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flower Print Placement Dress

When I bought this Boohoo Flower print Placement Dress,  I knew I would be wearing it with black leggings and flip flops, but I wanted to think of some ways to wear it that were more challenging.  This is what I came up with. :)outfitsanon 004
outfitsanon 009
With jeggings. 

outfitsanon 014
Colored flats.

outfitsanon 006
Going crazy with color. 
 outfitsanon 018
With a charcoal jersey vest.

outfitsanon 020
Add a jersey scarf and uncover the feetsies.

outfitsanon 034
With bicycle shorts.

outfitsanon 035
Sans vest for casual grocery shopping or as a gym cover up. 

outfitsanon 036 
With my favorite sneakers from Javari.

outfitsanon 040
A little more ladylike with silver ruffle flats.

 outfitsanon 043
More downtown.

outfitsanon 045
Fun stuff.  Bright socks and flats.  Lunch at the mall.

outfitsanon 048
Out to dinner.

outfitsanon 055

outfitsanon 047
Date, but I might add a blingy short necklace.  :)

outfitsanon 049 
Definitely a girlfriends kind of outfit.

outfitsanon 053
Just for some fun add bright socks. :)

outfitsanon 057
Walking to town.

outfitsanon 058

outfitsanon 063
The easiest solution.  The two above, keeping it simple.

outfitsanon 065
I really like this.  This crochet bolero is ages old. 

outfitsanon 066
Just a slight shift in reference.  Some earthier sandals brings it down to earth.  I would feel comfortable shopping in a health food store in this even though it’s polyester. :)

outfitsanon 067
A modern statement.  It’s more about shapes even though there is a lot of color.

outfitsanon 071
To the symphony. This feels more about texture to me. Shiny and soft and different patinas.

outfitsanon 079
One of my best buys this year was this motorcycle vest for 10GBP.  It works with almost everything I have and I love that it is not black. 

outfitsanon 081 
Tough girl.

  outfitsanon 073
Take the vest in another direction with heels and a nice classic bag. 

outfitsanon 095
This is my second favorite.  It really feels like me. I could also add boots instead of sneakers.

outfitsanon 096
Pushing it a little further with this hot pink scarf.

outfitsanon 100
I could see this as a school outfit.  It’s appropriate.  I just changed the bag and shoes.

outfitsanon 103
More boho.  If you are an earring gal you could pile them on. :)

outfitsanon 111
Without the belt it would be nonrestrictive for running around after the kids, or it could work as a maternity dress.  It would make a really cute mom. 

outfitsanon 116
With a summery sandal.  I would have liked to have had a straw bag to have added to this. 

outfitsanon 119
Neat and clean.  A black blazer or black cardigan would finish this off. 
outfitsanon 082
My most favorite of all. :)  I love these over the knee socks. And the vintage blazer, too, is very unexpected.   
So how about you?  Would you wear a Flower Print Placement Dress?  If so, how would you wear it?  Would you keep the accessories neutral or would you play up the color?  I would love to know.  It’s fun to experiment.