Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ASOS Navy Cotton Sundress

 outfitsanon 002

I didn’t want to load this one down too much because it is a sundress and the idea is to keep cool.  But to get more mileage out of it, it is fun to experiment.

outfitsanon 071

A little scarf provides some extra color and a little modesty.  The white keeps things fresh.

outfitsanon 016

This striped top finds another use as a cardigan when unbuttoned so I have gotten twice the use out of it.  I wore it as a cover up the other night when it was cool sitting by the sea and in the morning I wore it to church over a  tank top and denim skirt. 

outfitsanon 027

I like the way this feels.  If it is a sunny windy day or if I am going out after a day at the beach I’ll still feel breezy and casual in this. 

outfitsanon 036

This very light chambray shirt comes to the rescue again for some light sun protection.

outfitsanon 040

I bought these earrings eons ago and I still love them.  One more good reason to remember to buy things I love. 

outfitsanon 048

Blue and khaki itself is like love:  it never fails. 

outfitsanon 053

A little less whimsical version above of the below.

outfitsanon 058

I like them both for an afternoon date.  I know men love sundresses, but with the extra button down he can hear what you are saying, too. :) And you could meet his mom in it, too. :)

outfitsanon 063

A little more fashion forward.  I am loving this silhouette these days.  A summer dress, boyfriend trousers, long, cropped or even short, ballet flats or gladiator sandals, and a big light summer scarf with a huge bag.  Love it. 

outfitsanon 066

It just feels more fun with the shorts.

outfitsanon 068

A cardigan and a sundress is a very sweet silhouette.  The earrings have a little garden theme.

outfitsanon 074

My favorite shapes again.  This time with boyfriend jeans.  If you don't have any boyfriend jeans grab your boyfriend's or brother's!

outfitsanon 080

Dressing it up a little more.  The white ladylike bag is the only thing keeping it out of the gladiator ring.  The black crochet wrap cardigan was a souvenir from the Plaka in Athens many moons ago.  It is something I will always keep. 

outfitsanon 086

Unrolling the jeans and bringing in my one and only statement necklace. :)

outfitsanon 092

Changing the gladiator sandals for some vintage kitten heels.  I am feeling the blue, black, violet(in the necklace) theme here.  It seems the perfect color theme for a summer night. 

outfitsanon 094

outfitsanon 105

outfitsanon 111

The above 3 playing with black and navy and silver/gray which I like to think of as "night sky over the sea with moonlight."  :-|

outfitsanon 120

Bringing in some coral and red. 

outfitsanon 084

Getting a little funky with the shapes.  I’d be Gallery Gal in this.

outfitsanon 122

If it looks good to your eyes, who really cares?

How about you?  How would you wear it? :)