Friday, April 30, 2010

Shoes Gone Wild - at Javari

Does anyone remember all the hoopla a while back about a certain someone who was prosecuted only after he made a gazillion dollars videotaping young women on spring break perhaps not at their best? Perhaps not at their fully clothed, fully sober, demure best?

Well here is something similar, but instead of our friends and flatmates going wild in the title role, we have shoes going bananas instead. Shoes, like, on Spring Break, like, after a few shots of Peach Schnappes. Witness the following:

I would call this one Tequila Sunrise... And this one I can't understand. It's slurring its straps. Watch out! This one has the munchies. Why even Calvin Klein, the voice of fashion reason, has put the lampshade on his head.
I don't need to see the face on this one to know it's gone completely wild: Perhaps not a shoe at all but a pants leg:

And all this partying is going on at my beloved Javari. Wait, swerve over to the right!.
Whoa! Did you see that!?

I just discovered Javari recently on AmazonUK (sometimes a great alternative for those living closer to the UK than Amazon US), and they are everything they promised. Oh, they are awesome. I can order a pair of shoes and have them delivered to me here in Cyprus almost as fast as I can get a souvlaki! And Javari can deliver to all locations within the EU; See here.

Now I wouldn't mind these AT ALL. I think these are still in their right mind. Take note, GREEN SHOES! And sober!

But back to the Shoes Gone Wild. Some of these I have to wonder what we will be saying about ten to twenty years from now. If we thought we made fun of the 80's, what on earth are we going to be saying about these??? We'll either be hanging our heads in shame or they will become the most collectible shoes in fashion history. What do you think? I don't know...

...because I'm still just a little worried about the debutante who may want to come out in these:

Or the woman who thinks they might be appropriate for work. I have an accompanying horrible vision of her tumbling down the subway steps in her pencil skirt (Wait! What exactly are these appropriate for?)

And because it's not just the platform the wedge and the stiletto that have gone wild; it's the Flip Flop, too. Witness what has happened to my friend:

Now, I am not saying all these shoes aren't cute. I never saw them, but I am sure the girls in the "Gone Wild" videos were cute, too. I'm just sayin' that, cute or not, I think we can all agree that they've GONE WILD. And that somebody somewhere is making a gazillion dollars. And that we all might wake up with a hangover in ten years. Just sayin.

I think I will just stick with these which I think would look cute with a pair of denim shorts , because even though they might make fun of me in 10 years (or now even) , at least I won't fall down the subway steps.