Thursday, April 15, 2010

Light Wash Flare Jeans

It is a very risky venture for me to visit GoJane online. First off because it is in the states I always have to pay VAT on my purchases when the order comes into Cyprus (for those of you who aren't familiar, VAT is the value added tax which is a tax that is levied on every exchange of a product). Not to mention the overseas shipping which is not bad from GoJane (it's not this, blooming heck!) but still. When you are talking a $15.00 pair of shoes it is hard to justify overseas shipping and VAT. And of course to justify it all I end up buying a little more than one $15.00 pair of shoes. Hmm...witness these jeans...which came with my last order of 3 pairs of shoes, oh, and a top...

Cute though. They are a lighter rinse, flare leg, perfect for summer and sandals. And they fit real cute for an inexpensive pair of jeans. Here is the entire outfit I bought put together (except for the handbag which came from ASOS):

The little gold heart locket seemed the perfect light summer accessory. The next top is actually a skirt that I thought looked cute styled as a summer top. I added some yellow chandelier earrings and my navy keds.

And this is a way I can't wait to wear them, with this chambray shirt from Diesel, a vintage Cacherel scarf and these darling sandals I scored at the end of last season on sale from Jack Wills.

I love this scarf so much: I'll give you a close up...

How would you wear them? I would love to hear!