Friday, April 30, 2010

The Animal Rescue Site

Wouldn't Paris Hilton or her sister Nicky look gorgeous in this? Tunic is 102.95 USD. By Novica in association with National Geographic at The Animal Rescue Site.

This dress is 100% cotton (my fave) and only 24. 95 USD at The Animal Rescue Site.

The Animal Rescue Site is a part of the non-profit Greater Good Network (, who "offer the public a unique opportunity to support causes they care about at no cost to them." You can visit the website and do a "Daily Click" click to give that supports one of their listed causes.
Fight hunger, breast cancer, illiteracy, or support women worldwide, children in need of essential health care, or homeless animals. They will even send you a daily reminder by email to go and do your "Daily Click" which I urge you to sign up for! Please go visit the website to see how it works!

They also offer 4500+ products including jewelry, clothing, gifts, and home items that pay a charity royalty of 5-30% each to charity. They offer International Shipping on most of their products, denoted by a globe icon. They ship to many but not all countries and not all items ship from the same location; you will have to check the drop down menu at checkout. They do accept Paypal. They also offer Wholesale Bulk Purchases.

They have some really cute items and some really gorgeous items. Very unique with a global feel. Please check them out! Give and Enjoy!